Data Centre

Data Centre Design

Data Centre Installation

Data Centre Design

Data Centre Installation


Data Centre Design

Cable Care has the knowledge base to provide the best Data Center design practices in accordance with ANSI/TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. Our staff works extensively with the client’s IT department to arrive at cost effective, reliable and scalable solutions.

Our industry partnerships with architectural firms and other IT infrastructure designers will give the client a Data Center that is state-of-the art and capable of meeting the most stringent demands.

Network Cabling

Telephone Cabling

Fibre Optics Cabling

Wireless Access Point System

Cable Support System

Equipment Racks


CCTV System

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Access Control System

Public Addressing System

Data Centre Installation

Cable Care has invested in certified installers and project managers who understand the requirements of delivering large scale IT projects on time and in scope. We take pride in having the lowest change order to project scope ratio in the industry. Our on-line project management software tool kit provides our clients with up-to-date project notes that ensure the project flows seamlessly from inception to christening.

Audio Visual System

Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Protection System



Move, Adds and Changes

Relocation Services

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Installation Warranty


Project Management


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